What is SIMPO? Cos’e SIMPO?
SIMPO is a Philosophy. Taught and practiced on a daily basis by my beloved mother. From a young age my mother taught me the importance of simplicity and how to feed yourself with NOTHING. My parents are both from small towns in southern Italy where eating meat was a luxury, figs were their candy and I felt I had lost that appreciation for food with my years of cooking in professional kitchens. Now that she has moved on to a better place, I am trying to recapture the reason why I decided to cook and share it with people the same way my mother loved to do. From nothing she created EVERYTHING, a world of comfort, a place of familiarity, she created SIMPO (simple) cooking with whatever her humble background had taught her. I have stopped stressing about my career and started enjoying it again, through her philosophy of what food, drink, friends and family should be.

email // simpo.rsvp@gmail.com