Who is SIMPO? Chi è SIMPO?
SIMPO is the supper club lovechild of Chef Aldo Lanzillotta. Growing up in an Italian family with a deep-rooted love, respect and appreciation for food, Aldo’s earliest childhood memories are infused with the aromas of his mother’s cooking. Over the years, he has shared and honed his lifelong passion for cooking and now he is offering to share it with you.

What is SIMPO? Cos’è SIMPO?
SIMPO is a philosophy. Taught and practiced every day by Aldo’s mother, a culinary great in her own right, it is a belief so universal yet so simple (SIMPO) that it has weaved itself throughout everything that Aldo creates. It is his secret ingredient.

SIMPO is an experience. In the Lanzillotta family, food was more than just fuel for living. It was a way of life, a reason for living. It is a shared experience created by alchemy and surrounding yourself with good people immersed in great conversations. It is the slow, deliberate filling of your belly with food that reaches your heart. It is the creation of tastes and flavours using the finest of ingredients, traditional cooking methods passed down through generations and doing it all with love.

How SIMPO works?
SIMPO is an experience you can share in the comfort of your own home or in any other venue. As a "Host" you will have the privilege of inviting your closest friends and family to enjoy an evening of great food, drink, conversation and tradition. A way of keeping generations of recipes alive for your enjoyment through the love and respect that is SIMPO.

If you are interested in hosting, send location details and preferred dates to simpo.rsvp@gmail.com. SIMPO would like to keep dinners small and quaint, therefore no smaller than 10 or bigger than 14 guest. Mangia, Mangia.

For more details please don't hesitate to call me (Aldo) directly - 323.717.7189

Who is coming to SIMPO? Chi va?
People who love food. SIMPO is best suited for those who love meat, seafood & raw stuff.

email // simpo.rsvp@gmail.com