Special SIMPO thanks-
To my family - Brothers Tony and Gregory for hosting the first two Simpo dinners in memory of our dearly missed mother Sarina. To Mama Tania for making me realize that people need to experience the rich culture we grew up in. Zia Michelle for her incredible photos which allow me to express to all of you how beautiful this experience really is. Nephew Dryden (Peeps) and Niece Sol for bringing Nonna’s prescence with them. To my extended family Flo Leung and Dustin Gallagher for helping me launch Simpo from idea to tangible dining experience. And finally to my wife Lindsay, for understanding my need to do this in the short time we had in Toronto, and for encouraging me to do more.


Photos by: Tony Lanzillotta and Michelle Yee Lanzillotta
Website/Artist & friend: Michael Russell

email // simpo.rsvp@gmail.com